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Recruitment Gestalt Coaching Program   
Warsaw/online edition - October 2023

Recruitment takes place in several stages:

  • Application via electronic recruitment form

  • We respond to applications from interested persons within 5 working days. If you do not receive a response from us within this time - please contact the School's coordinator, Michał Lewandowski, tel. +48 668 183 182, e-mail:

  • Confirmation of willingness to participate is the payment of PLN 500 down payment towards the training. This amount is returned if the interested person does not qualify for a given edition. The amount will not be returned if the person concerned voluntarily resigns from participation in the course

  • People who have paid the deposit are invited to an online recruitment interview. Due to the specificity of the School and the limited number of places, a positive result of the interview is decisive for admission to the training

  • about the recruitment interview, the person receives a complete set of information about the starting edition. People on the reserve lists have priority to participate in the next edition

Terms of participation in the training program:

  • A participant of the School may be an adult person with higher education and at least 2 years of experience in working in business as a manager, coach, trainer or consultant. Persons who do not meet the above criteria may be admitted after an individual examination of the application and an interview. The interview decides about the final qualification for the course

  • In case of more applications, we put them on the reserve list

  • We do not provide food for the duration of the training. Accommodation and meals must be provided on your own. There is quite a large accommodation base (hostels, hotels) near the Institute 

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