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Facilitating  system changes

Competence development program to support organizational changes in the Gestalt approach
(Warsaw/online; in English)

Module 1: to be determined

Module 2: dabout arrangements

Module 3: dabout arrangements

Module 4: dabout arrangements

Module 5: to be determined

Organizations and systems are evolving and becoming more complex as they operate in an increasingly dynamic cross-context field.  Our ability to observe and listen to the system becomes essential to support its awareness and development. The difficulty in fully understanding the constantly changing environment increases the need to experiment and develop methods to give meaning.


Gestalt introduces a systemic, phenomenological and process perspective to work with organizations. It focuses on the "health" of the organization, understood as flexibility and the ability to be creatively adaptable. The work of Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations, the study of which this program is devoted to, is built on this foundation.

The program is intended for:

  • people with at least 2 years of experience in working in business as a coach, manager, trainer or consultant;

  • people actively working for change and development in organizations;

  • people interested in introducing the Gestalt approach to work in organizations and with organizations;

  • familiarity with the Gestalt approach required. If you have not had contact with our approach before, we recommend completing the "Gestalt Coaching" or "Dialogical Leadership" program first.

The program will support the participant in:

  • building competencies of working with organizational change in the Gestalt approach;

  • adding a Gestalt perspective to current development/management work in/with organizations;

  • integration of the Organizational Gestal as a success factor in managing the organization.

Program modules     

1.      Hear and understand the system - phenomenology of organizations (3 days online)

2.      Creative Adaptation and the Paradoxical Theory of Organizational Change (3 days                  online )

3.      Power dynamics and conflicts (2 days)

4.      Change management in task forces (2 days)

5.      Work on organizational culture (2 days)



Group supervision (online)

Supervision takes place in groups of up to 6 people. It can be conducted in Polish or English.


Frans Meumeester (coach)

Yannis Angelis (coach)

Julius Lasalle (coach)

Guus Klaren (coach)

Marten Bos (coach)

Michał Lewandowski (supervisor)


Program requirements

To successfully complete the program and receive the Gestalt Facilitator certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • complete five consecutive training sessions;

  • complete 15 hours of group supervision provided for in the program;

  • keep a Gestalt Practitioner Development Diary (GPDD), approved by the lecturer/mentor trainer. The GPDD will outline your development goals and steps to achieve them. GPDD will evolve as you progress through the program;

  • hold 3 group intermezzo - meetings in organizations;

  • write a case study of development work in an organizational context;

  • attend four online group meetings with your support/learning group;

Attendance: Full attendance is required for all four coach training sessions to graduate. Participants absent from classes due to illness or personal reasons are obliged to make up the material in a manner agreed with the trainer.

Successful completion of the trainer training program will earn participants a Gestalt Facilitator Certificate. Interested graduates holding a certificate and meeting the criteria of the EAGT GPO will be able to apply for Gestalt Practitioners in Organization (GPO) accreditation.


Learning by experiencing Here and Now

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