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School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations (GPO)

The School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations presents a holistic and practical approach to facilitating organizational and individual change. We teach Organizational Gestalt, integrating assumptions of Gestalt Therapy, Organizational Development (OD) tradition, systems theory, as well as other complementary theoretical concepts.

The School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations programs that we offer provides training to improve the skills of coaches, trainers, consultants, leaders/managers, OD or HR specialists, facilitators and change agents working in any field. The training is also helpful for therapists who want to broaden their competences by coaching and working in the context of an organization.


The School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations consists of three complementary programs:  


  • you increase self-awareness and the ability to use it to achieve greater influence in your work, to use a more authentic "me" as an instrument of change; you make your leadership more stable and effective;

  • you develop observation and perception skills through phenomenological practice, enabling you to better understand and diagnose situations in your practice or in your organization;

  • we support you in achieving true engagement through the art of dialogue, which has consequences for many areas, such as team building, stakeholder management or customer service;

  • you improve your understanding of group dynamics and build adequate attitudes and skills to deal with themes of power, conflict and resistance;

  • you increase your ability to work with uncertainty and complexity; you learn to work on what appears in the organization, not on work that imposes ready-made techniques and solutions on the organization;

  • you improve your coaching, facilitation and consulting skills;

  • you learn practical concepts, models, tools and approaches that will influence how interventions are designed and delivered; thereby improving your ability to initiate and facilitate change in the organization;

  • you gain a broader awareness of contextual and ethical conditions and how to include them in your practice and how to deal with diversity in the organization more effectively;

  • you provide yourself with the possibility of auditing and feedback  from the leaders and co-participants in the context of your growing competence in supporting change processes. 

Completion of 2 of the above-mentioned programs of the School of Gestalt Practitioners in Organizations and fulfillment of the requirements for own practice entitles you to apply forEAGT GPO certificate. The GPO certificate is a pan-European accreditation recognized as a benchmark in terms of quality in the delivery of organizational interventions based on the Gestalt approach.  More at EAGT GPO website.

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