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Leadership development program in the Gestalt approach
(online, in English)

Module 1: to be determined

Module 2: to be determined

Module 3: to be determined

The quality of the attitudes and awareness behind the actions taken is critical to the success of individuals and organizations. This program combines intellect, emotion and action in a way that supports sustainable and significant change and expands your capabilities for effective and authentic leadership.

The management staff of the organization faces an increasing number of challenges, which are increasingly related to interpersonal relations, along with the increasing complexity of organizational and market processes. Your effectiveness as a leader depends largely on such competencies as:

  • the ability to see the wider (often complex) picture;

  • understanding what motivates people;

  • flexibility in operation,

  • ability to support the team in better cooperation or 

  • the ability to drive change that will benefit all stakeholders.

These are challenging tasks that require today's leaders to have a strong sense of self, personal insight, and relational skills in addition to technical leadership competencies.


It is a highly experiential program that will help you learn and apply the principles and practices of Organizational Gestalt to yourself, in the service of your leadership and influence.

In this program you will engage in  learning experiences that will allow you to experiment with new concepts, tools and behaviors and grow personally while increasing your ability to lead effectively in an increasingly complex world. In addition to teaching skills and techniques, this program will help you learn through embodied activities that raise your self-awareness, help you achieve your goals, and put principles and practices into daily practice.

The program is intended for:

  • leaders and executives of small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, educational and healthcare institutions, or divisions in large corporations.

In program:

  • you increase self-awareness and the ability to use it to achieve greater influence in your work, to use a more authentic "me" as a leader; you make your leadership more stable and effective;

  • you develop observation and perception skills through phenomenological practice, thanks to which you will better understand and react to problematic situations in your organization;

  • we support you in achieving true engagement through the art of dialogue, which has consequences for many areas, such as team building, stakeholder management or conversations with clients;

  • you improve your understanding of group dynamics and build adequate attitudes and skills to deal with themes of power, conflict and resistance;

  • you increase your ability to work with uncertainty and complexity; you learn to work on what appears in the organization, not on work that imposes ready-made techniques and solutions on the organization.

Program modules

  • Three 3-day training modules

  • 3 coaching sessions between modules


Individual coaching sessions 

To ensure individual application of learning, each participant will be paired with an experienced coach. They will work together individually and as part of a coaching team between sessions to explore the specific application of learning in their role and organization. Leaders will have the opportunity to continue working with the coach after the end of the program.


Michal Lewandowski 

Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph 

Julius Lasalle

Izabela Salicka 


Program requirements

To successfully complete the program and receive the Gestalt Leader certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • complete three consecutive training sessions;

  • take 3 hours of individual coaching provided in the program;

  • keep a Leader Development Log (DRL), approved by the lecturer/trainer-mentor. The DRL will outline your development goals and steps to achieve them. The DRL will evolve as you progress through the program;

  • attend four online group meetings with your support/learning group;

Attendance: Full attendance is required for all four Leadership training sessions to graduate. Participants absent from classes due to illness or personal reasons are obliged to make up the material in a manner agreed with the trainer.

Successful completion of the trainer training program will provide participants with a Gestalt Leader Certificate. Interested graduates holding a certificate and meeting the criteria of the EAGT GPO will be able to apply for Gestalt Practitioners in Organization (GPO) accreditation. Completion of one of the School's other two programs is required to meet the accreditation requirements.


Learning by experiencing Here and Now

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