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Marten Bos

Trainer, coach, supervisor (ANSE/LVSC registered), GPO and therapist from the Netherlands. Diversity is an important point in his work with individual clients, teams, schools, organizations.

He has worked for a Dutch refugee organization as a Senior Trainer, with Moroccan men and teenagers, drug addicted adults and people with disabilities. As an independent consultant, trainer and coach, since 1999, he has worked with schools, general practitioners, the police, entrepreneurs, CEOs, profit and non-profit organizations, NGOs, etc. He is a trainer and supervisor in Dutch, Belgian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian Gestalt Institutes.

As a volunteer, he organizes events in his neighborhood with immigrants, refugees, social initiatives, religious groups, LGBTI +, artists, youth, people with disabilities, etc.


He publishes about Gestalt and diversity in articles in books and magazines and in his book "Coaching and Diversity".

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